Introducing... the Bride

Ask anybody for a phrase to describe Rachel and they'll come out with: "Crazy Cat Lady". They'd be exactly right. Since getting Gimpy and Squishy in 2004, Rachel has developed a soft spot for the furry creatures and now daydreams of one day owning her own no-kill cat shelter. Charity is important to Rachel, and if she never gets that cat shelter, she would love a career working for a childrens charity like the Make A Wish Foundation. Rachel shares Curt's love of breaks and afterhour clubs and freely admits her addiction to the internet. She is rarely seen without her digital camera, loves anything sparkly and is working on her first novel.

and the Groom

When asked what he wanted this section to say about him, with a glint in his eye Curtis answered: "That I'm awesome". So there you have it, Curt is awesome. He is always cracking Rachel up with his random humour and goofy "personalities". Gaming is his favourite hobby; first person shooters his speciality. He is obsessed with computers and spends far more money on them then a normal person should, loves watching Scrubs and has more of a soft spot for cats than he generally likes to let on. Curtis loves travelling as much as Rachel, and together they've made plans to visit parts of America, Europe and Australia in 2009.