Frequently Asked Questions

Why a Sunday?

Because everybody and their dog gets married on a Saturday and we like to be different. Just kidding (...mostly). We had our heart set on The Beeches but unfortunately Saturday weddings there come with a hefty list of restrictions. If we'd have been married on a Saturday we'd have been obligated to have all these things we weren't fussed about having and pay megabucks for the privilege! That didn't really sound like our cup of tea, so a Sunday wedding it is. As our wedding co-ordinator said, this way we get to have a "tailor made wedding however we want it". We couldn't say no to that.

Open bar, cash bar, no bar? What's the story?

Guests will receive complementary drinks immediately following the ceremony and throughout the wedding breakfast; these will comprise of a glass of Pimms, two glasses of selected house wine during dinner and a glass of sparkling wine for the toasts. For children and those who would prefer not to drink, soft drinks will of course be available. A cash bar will be opened after the ceremony which will offer a range of spirits, beers and wine at average pub prices.

What happens between the ceremony and the reception?

The usual, I'm afraid! We will set this time aside for some formal photographs in the grounds. We know the worst thing about weddings is all the waiting around, especially when the guests are hungry, so fear not - these photographs will only take around an hour, during which time guests will have some free time to catch up with each other, enjoy drinks from the cash bar and explore the venue (but don't wander too far - we'll need you for some of the photos!).

Do you have a gift registry?

Please don't feel that you have to buy a gift. We appreciate that a number of our guests have dedicated a great deal of time and expense to be with us on our day, and for that we're extremely thankful. For those of you who would still like to buy us a little something, you may find inspiration on our wishlist.

Are we allowed to bring guests?

Please do not bring guests unless they are specifically named on your invitation. The Beeches has a limited capacity so unfortunately there will not be room to accommodate any extra guests. Thank you for your co-operation!

What's on the menu?

There will be a variety of dishes on offer fresh from the barbecue. Please see our Menu page for further details.

Will there be dancing?

Not if Curtis gets to pick the music. Kidding of course. There will be a dancefloor and a DJ, so we sure hope at least a few of you will be busting a move! The dancefloor is situated next to the bar area, and the DJ will be ready to go from 7pm.

Should I bring confetti?

Please don't bring any paper confetti! We will be supplying beautiful blue hydrangea petals for guests to throw.

If you have any other questions or comments please email or call!

We want everyone to have an enjoyable time at our wedding. If there's anything that we can do to help you make a decision about attending or answer any questions please do not hesitate to e-mail or call Rachel. You can also talk to Curtis, although he'll probably just ask Rachel for the answer!