The Quiz

Decided to take the quiz have you? Interesting. Now, be sure to enter your name but don't worry, it doesn't matter how many questions you get right or wrong. Of course, if you score bad, you won't be receiving an invitation. We're kidding of course. .. Or are we? (Miss Rachel must come up with a better intro.)
Since moving to England in 2006, Curtis has found a job working from home. What is that job?
Web Designer
Graphic Designer
Web Developer
Network Administrator
In November 2004 we took a long road trip to meet the online friend who was instrumental in bringing us together. Where did we go?
New York
When they met, Rachel was attending The University of the West of England. She completed her degree before moving to Canada. What is the subject of Rachel's degree?
English Literature
Science, Society & The Media
Circus Studies
Environmental Biology
We have two cats named Gimpy and Squishy. They're responsible for turning Rachel into a Crazy Cat Lady! Where did we get them from?
We adopted them from a friend after her cat Princess gave birth to them
An advert in the local newspaper was giving them away free to a good home
The S.P.C.A. (R.S.P.C.A in England) - It was so hard just picking two!
Our irresponsible roommate skipped town and left the kitties behind
There is one country in particular that Curtis would love to visit. After the honeymoon, it will be our next "big vacation". Where are we going?
New Zealand
We've been together for so long now that it came as no surprise to our friends and family when we announced our engagement. By the time we get married in June next year, how long will we have been together?
Almost five years
Almost six years
Almost eight years
Almost ten years
Canada feels like home for Rachel as well as Curtis. Since meeting Curtis, how many times has she been there?
Eight times
Nine times
Ten times
Eleventy times